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Rubbing shoulders with the best, rubs off. | Join RE/MAX

If you were about to enter the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, you’d probably want to get pro tips from someone with a green jacket. To get ahead in any competition you must cultivate your talent, master your skills and learn from the best. In the competitive real estate game, if you want to get ahead it helps to be able to access expertise and support. At RE/MAX® many top producers willingly share their knowledge and strategies with the rest of the network to fuel growth.

If you

RE/MAX ® Gives Canadians the Advice They Really Need

Aside from cheering on your favourite team and eating, the best part of the “big game” might just be the commercials. Sometimes the ads are just as entertaining as the game itself, and this year promises to be no exception as RE/MAX Canada debuts a 30-second ad from the new ‘The Advice You Need’ campaign on February 12, 2023 during the Kansas City and Philadelphia football game.

Spots from the new campaign, which was executed by RE/MAX’s creative agency Arrivals + Departures, show that in spite

What's Home Staging? Canadian Real Estate Questions Answered.

Did you hear the one about the guy who painted his walls hot pink, right before putting his house on the market? Yikes! Too bad he didn’t connect with a RE/MAX® agent first to learn all about home staging for the Canadian real estate market.

Selling a home in the shortest time and for the highest price involves much more than just putting a For Sale sign on the front lawn. It’s okay if you don’t know everything there is to know about preparing a property for sale or how to navigate the ever-cha

6 Tips for Selling your Home this Fall

Deciding to place your home on the market this fall? That’s great! Getting your home ready for sale is just as important in the fall and maintaining curb appeal requires different attention then in the spring and summer. Follow these six tips for selling your home this fall, and you might just get it sold before the last leaf falls.

Tips for Selling Your Home this Fall & Easy Fixes to Help Buyers Fall in Love

While fall leaves are gorgeous to look at on trees, once they hit the ground they no

Surprising Signs Your Partner Might be Cheating

The common signs of cheating might seem pretty obvious- the scent of perfume or cologne, showering after coming home from work, lipstick on a collar, a sudden interest in going to the gym and a new wardrobe…but what if your partner does none of these things and your Spidey sense is still tingling? If you have a gut feeling that your spouse or partner is cheating there are some signs of infidelity that may surprise you. If you see any of these more subtle signs of cheating as outlined in Oprah ma

Moving on After Infidelity – How do you get past an affair?

Learning of a partner’s betrayal can be devastating. Trust is broken and it may be a difficult decision to decide whether to stay in the relationship or move on. If you decide to stay with someone who has been unfaithful it can be challenging to move forward. Here are some tips to move forward if staying in a relationship after an affair or if ending it.

How do I stay with a spouse who’s cheated?
• Tell your Partner what you Need

Moving forward in the relationship and working past the infideli

Why do Eyes Change Colour?

In the coloured contacts phase that too place in the ‘90’s, it seemed as though every one was trying on a different shade to see what they would look like with another eye colour. Today, most people opt for natural peepers, but what about when your eyes change colour on their own? Is that even possible? Read on to learn the reasons why your eyes may change colour and when it’s a cause for concern.

How Eyes Get their Colour

The coloured part of the eye is called the iris, which has pigmentation

What Causes Fluctuating Vision?

How clearly can you see this sentence? If it’s the end of the day and you’ve already spent a lot of time on screens, chances are it will be harder to read then if you’re reading this first thing in the morning. Eyes get tired like the rest of you and it can affect how well you see.There are other contributors to temporary vision changes, some more serious than others. If you’ve ever wondered why there are days when you can see the fine print on the back of your cereal box and others when you can

New ways to prevent vision loss and restore eyesight in 2023.

The Future of Eye Care Looks Bright

Happy 2023! Remember when 2023 sounded futuristic? Old movies depicted this as the year with flying cars, robots and all things bionic. Well the future is here. Though we aren’t seeing flying cars, we are seeing self-driving ones, and though not every home is equipped with a house robot, most of us do own an Alexa. These innovations, while not quite what movies once depicted, are happening every day and now they are being used to prevent, and treat eye diseas