About Me

Most people think they can write because they've written a poem in a birthday card, composed emails, and sent texts. Each form of writing is different. Social, digital, print, short-form, long form, blogs, books, scripts, corporate, ecommerce, retail, services, all have a different nuance that is learned. Writing is kind of like cooking. We've all done it or tried it, but though most of us can boil water not all of us are chefs with the experience to create Michelin star meals. Those who want something gourmet may hire a chef or go out to dinner. Many people think that using a bot or app like ChatGPT is like having that expert. I kind of think it's the equivalent of microwaved meals vs fine dining. Not that I'm saying I'm a Michelin star writer, but in the battle of the humans vs the bots I'd pick the one with expertise, creativity and the ability to relate to the why. Why your target audience needs your service, your product and how it will help make their human existence a little easier, brighter or more memorable.

I love to help find the why behind a brand--- the emotional pull to get people to remember a product or service and be motivated to take action.  Like knowing what sleep means to a new parent when writing for  baby labels. The tagline I used for that product launch ten years ago, "Next to sleep, it's a new Mom's best friend" is still used today. Or why it matters to find the right real estate agent that gets you want a home that helps you make memories like the fond ones you have from childhood. (It's finding the yard, like the one you had growing up.") Even writing for corporate events, I like to think about what is going to motivate people to take time out of their busy schedule and go, especially if they've been before.

ChatGPT doesn't know what it's like to worry about a sick child in the middle of the night, how it feels to stub your toe while rushing to get to that child and the relief when you use a product that gets them out of the danger zone. If you're looking for a fast fix and a lot of content,  I'm sure ChatGPT can help you get there. But if you're looking for branding, memorability and a reason why a person would use your product/service that has nothing to do with what can be found on Google-- then you're looking for a copywriter. A human one. With 20 years of experience. Like me.  

Brands I've worked on include Visa, Hallmark, Kellogg's, Sony, Pier 1, Dressbarn, Mabel's Labels, Colgate, and RE/MAX. I have worked and freelanced for ad agencies, digital marketing firms, ecommerce and retail marketing departments and corporate marketing departments.

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis