"We've been working with Lisa for over two years and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Her articles have not only helped our businesses drive a lot of organic traffic online, but they're also well-written, imaginative, and error-free. Lisa is conscientious, easy to work with, and her efforts are consistent. Lisa comes highly recommended from me. Her abilities would benefit any firm looking to increase readership and engagement."                                        Kevin La- Owner Kevllar Digital Marketing

Brands I've worked on include: Hallmark, Visa, Sony, Pier 1 and Dressbarn. Due to NDA's not all of my work is displayed here. My experience encompasses short and long form copy in all mediums. Need a copywriter? Email me at and let me know how I can help.

Secret Clear Deodorant TV Ad

Plus Size Script Dressbarn FB AD- Confidence 

Be confident.

In your look,

In your style,

In who you are.

Fashion forward

Size inclusive

Dressbarn style

Made for you.

Available at Dressbarn.

Plus Size Script Version 2 FB Superimposed Text- Best Dressed

Dressbarn style

Means best dressed style

Look your best

Feel your best

Every day.

Always fashionable

Size inclusive

Confidence you wear.

Available at Dressbarn.

The Next Scorcese Pier 1 Contest Ad

VIDEO: A woman in her forties filming everything in her family room from the cushions, to curtains to the couches. She is wearing a director’s cap and adjusting the lighting, aggressively moving lamps and dimming overhead lighting, then making it brighter again.

VO: If you’ve dreamed of being a Hollywood director, or you just really like to shop, Pier 1 has the contest for you! Share a 30 second video highlighting your favorite Pier 1 product, tell us what you love about it and you could win a gift card for up to $1000!

VIDEO: ECU of pillow from odd angle, very shaky.

VO: Prizes range from $250- $1000 and you’re automatically entered when you upload your video to Instagram or online.

VIDEO: Woman on floor with phone lying down, filming a Pier 1 candle propped on some cushions. Boy of about fourteen appears in the doorway of the family room.

BOY: Mom? What are you doing?

VO: Other prizes include a $250 and $500 gift card. Don’t miss out. Upload your video to

the #Pier1ofaKind hastag on Instagram or at:

WOMAN (ignoring him): Oh yeah, that’s the money maker right there.

Video: She’s tapping her phone. The #Pier1ofaKind and appears in text.

WOMAN: (triumphant) Done! Shared!

Boy: (Nervous) Shared what? (He grabs the phone). This is on Instagram…and you tagged my friend group!

VO: Enter the #PierofaKind Contest, on now and you could be shopping for some great Pier 1 finds on us! Thanks for sharing! Your passion will be rewarded.

Woman: You’re welcome! Mama’s gonna be rich! (laughs maniacally and starts to arrange cushions back on couch, karate chopping the middle.)

Pier 1 Christmas Tree Ad Your Soul Tree


Who will you take home with you?

Will it be a snowy Bennington

always the perfect gentleman

Holding your ornaments and baubles

Always sturdy, he never wobbles

Or will you take home Fraser- tall, broad and stout

Who vows to stay lit up when one bulb goes out?

Who will be your one and done?

Find your perfect tree now at Pier 1.

Pier 1 Christmas Trees now up to 70% off

A Pier 1 Christmas Story VO Video Script

Once upon a time there was a tree

Pre-lit, life-like and extra sturdy

With hundreds of lights

To make it merry and bright

Plus ornaments galore

For your Holiday Décor

Make your Christmas magical and fun

Shop the Holiday Collection from Pier 1.

Pier 1 Oh Christmas Tree Script

Instrumental of Oh Christmas tree playing in background Copy superimposed over top

Oh, Christmas Tree

You stand in Pier 1 beauty

Pre-lit life like trees

With easy assembly

To deck your Halls

And Stay Evergreen

Pier 1 Holiday Trees


Pier 1 Blue November Promo Script

Shop Pier 1’s Black

Blue Friday Sale!

Every day this November

Fight off Winter blues

And crowds

With a new Black Blue Friday deal

Each deal disappears

After 24 hours

Blue deals, for a happier November.

Hurry before they’re gone.

Free shipping on all orders over $99.

Black Friday- Those Were the Days Script Pier 1

Video: Clips of Black Friday Chaos and Fighting

Those were the days

(We’d like to forget.)

Video: Woman shopping Pier 1 online with feet up sitting on couch.

These are the days

Worth remembering.

Shop Pier 1 Online this Black Friday.

All the deals, none of the chaos.

FREE Shipping on orders over $99!

Thank you Friday Script

It’s Pier 1’s

Thank you Friday!

This Black Friday

We’re giving back

With astonishing sales

Amazing deals

And a whole lot of gratitude

Up to 80% Off sitewide!

Plus. Free shipping on orders over $99!

Pier 1 is Now Online Script

The world has changed

And so has Pier 1…

But even though our doors closed, we are open.

You can still shop your favorite Pier 1 collections online.

Which means you can still fill your home with:

unique furniture, one of a kind décor, tableware and more.

Anytime, anywhere.

In your pajamas

With a glass of wine

While cozy in bed

Not all change is bad.

Pier 1 is online.

Which means we are always open.

Hallmark Radio Spot-30"

AVO: There are many ways to say thank you.

MAN: (Elvis voice) Uh, thank you, thank you very much.

AVO: And now Hallmark has found a way to thank you for all those times when you care enough to send someone a Hallmark card. Every time you visit one of our stores, you'll receive a Sneak a Peek scratch and win card. Each card wins free cards and the chance to win a diamond pendant.

MAN: (exaggerated French accent) Merci beaucoup!

AVO: So come into Hallmark today for your scratch and win card. It's our way of thanking you for choosing to send the very best.

MAN: Danke schon, Mouchas Grassy Ass, Grazie, Dank Je...(fades out)  

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