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Brands I've worked on include: Hallmark, Visa, Sony, Pier 1 and Dressbarn. Due to NDA's not all of my work is displayed here. My experience encompasses short and long form copy in all mediums. Need a copywriter? Email me at and let me know how I can help.

Product Descriptions Bali Collection Furniture

Product Descriptions/Labels-Spices

Ground Clove

Our pure, all-natural Clove, comes straight from the Syzygium aromaticum tree in Indonesia, without additives and preservatives for a spicy warm flavour and aroma that adds life to bechamel sauces and makes holiday dishes festive. Without it, Indian dishes wouldn’t be the same and Cinnamon and Nutmeg would miss their fellow contributor to pumpkin spice. Not to mention what would happen to Chai. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty high-quality Clove in all of your recipes. • None Rich in Manganese i

Ground Nutmeg

Our pure, all-natural Nutmeg comes straight from the Myristica fragrans tree in Grenada and Indonesia without additives or preservatives for a warm, nutty, slight sweet taste that adds spice to pumpkins, enhances eggnogs, and transforms baked goods into festive treats. Nutmeg turns everyday cooking into something celebratory. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty, high-quality Nutmeg, in all of your recipes. • None Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce inflammation and pain • None Has antibac

Ground Ginger

Our pure, all-natural, Ginger, comes straight from the root of the Zingiber officiale plant in India, Africa and Asia, without additives and preservatives. Ginger adds a warm bite of peppery sweetness to all of your dishes, from the Caribbean to Asia, and everything in-between. Without its zing, pumpkin spice lattes would taste too pumpkiny, stir-fries would be bland and gingerbread cookies would be just be bread cookies. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty, high-quality Ginger, in all of your reci

Ground Cinnamon

Our pure, all-natural, Cinnamon comes straight from the Cinnamomum burmannii plant in Indonesia without additives and preservatives for a warm, earthy, sweet taste baked goods can’t live without. Originally from India and China, this aromatic spice makes Moroccan cuisine sing and baked goods delicious. Without it, apple pie would be basic, and cinnamon buns would be…well, buns. Luckily, you can enjoy our tasty high-quality Cinnamon, perfect for all of your recipes. • None Cooking: Pumpkin pie sp

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