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Technology and Contact Lenses – The Future is Smart

This may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, and in a way, it is, but then again before smart-phones and smart-homes became commonplace the idea of talking to our TV’s and lights to turn them on was pretty out there too. The latest smart technology is being used in a new form of contact lenses called smart contact lenses. They can do everything from access your health, help you remember the names of people you’ve met, and oh, yeah help you see better! Read on to learn more about this fas

Tips for Good Eye Health

We all know to avoid cavities we should brush and floss regularly and avoid sugary treats, but when it comes to taking care of our eyes sometimes it isn’t as clear how to prevent and protect eyes from damage. How to do that? Let’s discuss the common factors affecting eye health and what to do about it with our tips for good eye health. Our top tips for maintaining good eye health are: Prevention and Protection, and Eye Exams. Many factors are involved in these three key elements. We discuss the

Dry Eye

What is the treatment for dry eye? Usually after an eye exam determines your dry eye and we work together to determine your contributing factors to see if they can be reduced. Treatment may consist of the following: If at first you don’t succeed cry, cry again… Adding tears: Mild cases of dry eyes can often be managed by assisting natural tear production. Preservative-free artificial tear solutions are recommended because they contain fewer additives, which can further irritate the eyes. Peop

Your Sight and Sugar-What to Watch out for this Holiday Season

Can eating too many sweets impact your sight? Tis the season to indulge on sugary treats. Everywhere you look there are cookies and sweets providing temptation. Though sugar and its negative health effects have been in the spotlight over the past few years, discussions about the impact on our waistline and type II diabetes, did you know it can also affect your eyesight? That’s right, eating lots of sugary, starchy foods may make eyes more vulnerable to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), Am

Could What You Drink be Affecting your Smile?

Could What You Drink be Affecting your Smile? We know that foods high in sugar have a negative impact on our oral health, but what about beverages? What you drink can have just as much of a negative impact on your smile as what you eat. And some drinks that are deemed healthy may not be the best choice for oral health. What are the best and worst beverages for your smile? Read on to find out… What are the worst drinks for my teeth? It’s not a shock that this pretty much tops the lists for the

Kids Oral Health Series- Pediatric Dental Visit Tips

Visiting the dentist with your child-how to make it easier on both of you Getting your child to the dentist can be a chore on the best of days, and some visits go more smoothly than others. At Diamond Dental we understand that it can be tricky to get young children to cooperate which is why we wanted to help make it as easy as possible for your child to have a pleasant dental experience by offering our tips for success such as what time of day best works for your appointment and how to ensure a

Oral Hygiene and Your Health Series

How important is oral health to overall health? Most people know that not brushing your teeth daily can lead to cavities, bad breath and tooth decay but recent studies find that poor dental hygiene can also have unexpected health consequences including; increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Poor oral hygiene can lead to serious health problems and has been linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, complications from diabetes, and more. We’ll discuss possible dis

Tooth extractions/removal

The expression, “it’s like pulling teeth,” is said to be cited as early as the 17th century. The idiom refers to something that is difficult and painful. For example, getting my kids to do their chores is “like pulling teeth.” Sigh. That’s very true. Fortunately, the pain associated with the actual procedure is no longer true. This expression relates to the early days of tooth removal. According to Wikipedia, until the early 20th century in Europe, dental extractions were often made by travellin

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Speaking the Language of the World (Wide Web) | Kevllar

The importance of understanding coding languages and the tools of effective Web Development What if I came up to you and said, “Beep Blap Bloop?” Chances are you wouldn’t know what I was trying to say because it’s not a language you’re familiar with. Certain fundamentals are necessary for good communication and one of them is language. If I’m trying to convey a message to someone and I don’t speak the same language as them, it’s going to be difficult. This is why it’s important to use a web dev

What are the top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019? | Kevllar

What are the top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019? Digital Marketing Trends are changing all the time, which is why it’s important to have a company such as Kevllar, to help your site and brand evolve with the times. While there are many trends on the horizon, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five we feel will be most relevant and helpful in driving traffic to your business or service in 2019. Many hear this term and think of sci-fi movies and scary machines named Hal, taking over the world.

Security Guard License - Why Online Learning Works

You’ve decided to take security guard training to get your Ontario security license or Alberta security license and may be concerned about the commitment to finishing a 40-hour long course and fitting it in to your daily life. That’s where online security guard courses, such as our online Alberta security training course (online ABST) and our online Ontario security training can help you meet your goals, pass your exam and get your security license in a way that suits your lifestyle. There are m

Powers of Arrest and Ten Codes

As part of your Ontario security training you will be required to know Ten Codes, a method of communication used by Professional Security Guards, outlined by the APCO (Association of Public Safety Communication) and about Powers of Arrest, or when you are entitled to make a Citizen’s Arrest. These are included in SGC’s security guard courses. When police radio in criminal activity they use police codes – radio codes to communicate what kind of crime is in progress. These codes are used for priv

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