About me

I’m Lisa. A Copywriter, Content Writer and Author. I like long walks on the beach and a glass of bubbly…just kidding. I’ll cut to the chase. If you’re here you may be thinking about hiring a writer for a project or you may be wondering if you can just do it yourself. I mean you’ve written before... an email, text, maybe even a speech for a friend’s wedding. Yes, to some extent everyone can write. But it doesn’t make you a Writer. (Unless you are and then I guess you don’t really need me but welcome, just the same.) It’s the same thing as saying you’re a chef because you’ve made a cake mix, or an omelette, but you have no formal training and haven’t cooked in a professional setting. I have both. Professional training (an Undergraduate in Copywriting, and a Bachelor of Arts with a specialty in Media Writing) and over sixteen years of varied experience in digital and print for e-commerce, retail, healthcare and more. The hard part about what I do is convincing someone they need me.

Enough about me let’s talk about me…

On my homepage I listed some reasons to hire a Copywriter and Content Writer. Some reasons to hire me specifically include: I’m reliable and meet or exceed deadlines, I work well independently or with others, I have a sense of humour, (or humor if you’re American) and I genuinely care about doing a good job. I have a broad range of experience though due to NDA’s I can’t highlight some of the work I’ve done for International well-known retail brands. Take a look at my other work while you’re here if you like, and if you want to discuss a project just drop me an email. Keeping up with marketing can be a full-time job, let me take some of that off your plate. Content doesn’t create itself and good content is worth investing in. I have a varied hourly rate or can quote per project if that works better for you. I will do my best to work within your budget. Thanks for sticking around to the end!

Have copywriting or content needs? Let me know how I can help.